Prices & Frequently Asked Questions


All prices are within the RRP.

FIBRE WIGS; From £98 – £480. Lower end are 100% machine made. Mid to high end price range are those that either have a hand tied area, or are 100% hand tied, which is the most lightweight & coolest options.

HUMAN & HEAT RESISTANT MIX WIGS; From £696 – £1,000. These feel soft & silky to the touch, and benefit from withstanding heated styling appliances, up to 140 degrees.

HUMAN HAIR WIGS; From £462 – £1,500. All Human Hair wigs offer a myriad of styling opportunities – just like like naturally growing hair.

SHORT VIRGIN EUROPEAN HAIR WIGS; £1,300 & £1,350. Luxuriously silky. Made from natural, uncoloured hair donated by women across Europe. Can be lightened!

LONG EUROPEAN HAIR WIGS; £1,850 & £1,950. Exceptionally secure grip for supreme confidence.




Q.  Do I need a wig cap?

A. A wig cap is optional. It can be used to wrap up the existing hair or to act as a barrier against the wig. There are different types of wig caps available.

Q. How does a wig stay on?

A. The wig will stay on by itself but for extra security tighten the adjustors at the nape, clip on to existing hair using Hair Grips. Or use tape (only recommended for total hair loss). We do not advise using glue.

Q. How do I put it on?

A. The 2 important rules for putting on your wig correctly are to position the wig line at the front 4 fingers width from your brow bone and to ensure the tabs on each side of the wig are evenly positioned so that the wig is straight. Ensure no hair is caught up under the edge of the foundation.

Q. How often do I wash it?

A. Once every 7-10 days.

Q. Will it stop my hair from growing back?

A. A wig will not prevent your hair from growing back. It offers what hair you may have, a respite from the rigours and products applied in trying ‘make something of it’ in the mornings. 

Q. Can I swim and exercise in it?

A. We recommend you wear an old wig to swim in. If not, rinse the wig immediately after. Try our soft quick-dry swim hats, cleverly designed to cover hair loss.

Q. Can I sleep in it?

A. We do not recommend this it will cut the lifespan of the wig in half.

Q. Can I wear the hair up?

A. You can wear the hair up, just keep it loose to avoid showing any joins or edging of the wig .Be careful when removing any hair accessory.

Q. Can I change the parting?

A. Only monofilament wigs have the option of changing the parting.

Q. Can I use any brush?

A. We recommend using a professional wig brush, not a fine comb.




Q. Can I use heat on my fibre wig?

A. Never use heated appliances this will burn the fibre, although the heat resistant range allows you to apply some heat.

Q. Can I use human hair products on fibre?

A. Protect your investment! We strongly recommend you use the specific fibre products to wash your wig. 

Q.  What happens when it frizzes?

A. At this point it may be time to replace the wig.

Q. Does the fibre fade?

A. The fibre eventually goes duller & flatter with age. It does not fade. You cannot tint fibre.

Q. How long does the wig last?

A. The expected lifespan for a short fibre wig is 4-6 months. A mid length (or bob) wig is between 3-4 months and a long wig is 2-3 months. These time frames are approximate and are based on everyday wear.



Q. What happens when the ends become dry?

A. It may be best to have the hair trimmed.

Q. Does the hair fade?

A. All human hair wigs will fade. This is due to an oxidization process that happens in the environment.

Q. This will occur within the first few months of wear. The colour can be restored.

A. Human hair can be dyed darker but not lighter. Seek professional advice with regard to colouring.

Q. How long does it last?

A. The wig will last approximately 8 months to a year.

Q. Can I use regular products on my Human Hair Wig?

A. Protect your investment! We strongly recommend using specific products for human hair & 50/50% blend wigs. Wig products are developed to care for the foundation as well as the hair itself.