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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Dorothy HouseThe following is a testimonial from Julia di Castiglione, the clinical development and outreach manager at Dorothy House. By waiving consultation fees at The Wig Sanctuary, Cassie has helped to raise over £1000 for Dorothy House Hospice through clients kindly making donations.

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September 2010

To: Whom it may Concern

Re: Ms Cassie King, State Registered, Master Craftsman Hair Stylist

As a health care professional working, for many years with those unfortunate enough to be afflicted with cancer and requiring chemotherapy, it is important to acknowledge that each individual remains just that: an individual person.

When those same people suffer from the side-effects of treatment(s) and have a severely altered body image as a result, then they need treating with even more care, respect, dignity and professionalism.

Knowing my limitations as a nurse remains paramount and it has, over the years, been important to seek out other professionals who will work alongside to improve the health, well-being and self-respect of our patients/clients

Cassie King is a special lady with a highly specialist craft coupled with a positive attitude for promoting “life in all its fullness” for those with alopecia. Her skills as a master craftsman display a great listening ability and an expert “eye” in order to treat her clients as individuals, as well as sensitivity for extremely difficult times in their lives.

Cassie has looked after patients, friends and colleagues and, without exception, the consultations have been remarkable, empowering and with exciting results.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to patients/clients, friends and professionals who need an expert who will make them feel better, more confident and even beautiful in times of extremis.

She will be a most valuable asset to your organisation

– Julia di Castiglione
Clinical Development and Outreach Manager

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